Our story

Otto (née Dimples) is a very special Charlie Bears teddy, and our designated hug specialist at the Little Teddy Shop. You could even say Otto is the reason why Little Teddy Shop exists at all!

The story goes back to Teddybär Total 2022 expo in Münster, Germany. Eerika was exhibiting her Bear Bears teddies first time for the international audience, and her husband was along for the trip. Not wanting to leave the world's biggest teddy fair without buying a teddy bear, Juha went searching for the right teddy to adopt. From the thousands of teddies at the fair, one teddy instantly caught his eye.

That teddy was called Dimples, and he was created by Charlie Bears. Juha didn't know much about teddies, but something about Dimples just felt right. Pretty soon Dimples was renamed Otto, in honor of his foster home in Germany.

Later when they got back home to Helsinki, Juha started looking for other Charlie Bears, but found nothing in Finland or the whole of the Nordics. This sparked a thought, that there should definitely be a teddy shop full of all kinds of quality teddies, including Charlie Bears.

Long story short, nine months later a shop opened in Punavuori, full of wonderful and unique teddies - and Otto on the shop counter, ready to be hugged by lots and lots of visitors of all ages.

Come visit the Helsinki shop and give Otto a hug!